World of Tanks is a game made by Wargaming that involves… what else? Tanks! The game mainly focuses on the WWII era and has a large array of different faction vehicles. From the mighty Maus to the tiny E25. But the real question is what and how does it exactly play?

For starters its free to play so you can’t go wrong there. The game is a heavy grind though because you have to unlock new tanks if you want to drive the big guns. It starts off pretty easy at first but towards the middle tiers it starts to get a bit tough. There are 10 tiers in the game ranging from tier 1 as smallest tanks to tier 10 with vehicles like the Maus.


While it may seem like a long grind you also take the time to learn how the game plays and the feel of the different tanks to come such as artilleries, tank destroyers, light tanks, medium tanks, and heavy tanks. (Of course some light tanks are good scouts too!). Using the experience you earn you can unlock modules such as engine upgrades and tracks as a few examples. The guns can even be unlocked to fit different ones. For example the KV2 can fit a 152mm gun which are primarily used in Tier 10 games. (Da comrade!).

There are quite a few tanks that are deceptive though. For example a tanks stats might be awesome on paper but instead is really bad no matter how good you play. There are also some tanks that are simply better than others. (Yes you will have to push through with these too). Using free experience that you earn you can skip some of these tanks to go to the next unlock but if not then you must play through them.


The controls use standard keyboard WSAD for movement of the hull and mouse for the turret movement. (Unless you are a tank destroyer then the mouse simply just moves the gun only). Space bar is also used for hand-braking so you light scouters can actually drift your tank for a quick aim around a corner or the tank itself. It also has consumables and shell load outs for extra penetration or the high explosive rounds using keys 1 through 6.

The game also has crew for the tanks that levels up as the battles go on. For starters they learn their basic skills which is how the tank operates. Once they hit 100% then they can learn an additional skills such as increased repairs, view range, or the important sixth sense which allows you to be told if an enemy vehicle has spotted you.

The game also has platoons (party) that allows you to play with friends. Up to a max of three people can enter into the matchmaking of the game and wreak some havoc in fun team coordination.


For the games score itself I would have to say a 7/10. Mainly because at the time of this little review the Matchmaking is really bad. In the sense that if you play certain tanks such as medium tank at tier 7, then you could be up against a scout light tank that is tier 8 which is obviously much stronger than the medium tank. Which is very odd. The other little problem is RNG basis of your shots. The shot has a chance to shoot accurately or have a chance to shoot slightly off. Both of these make it really annoying but despite these oddities I tend to come back and rather enjoy it.

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