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Have you walked into an arcade and saw a machine of Time Crisis 2 and instantly had to play it? Me too. While playing Time Crisis did you ever stop to think “this needs more anime schoolgirls and pantsu”? Me too.

While it is not a very popular genre outside of the arcades anymore I do love me some rail shooters (if they’re done right). And I also love me some anime schoolgirls and pantsu. So obviously when I saw PQube was releasing the hit Japanese game Gal*Gun: Double Peace I was all over that shit.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace released in Japan on the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita in 2015. A western release came to North America and Europe in 2016 for the same platforms and a PC version just released on Steam. This review will focus on the PS4 version of the game. The Vita and PC versions are basically the same thing with slight control and graphical variances.

Plot? Lots of it.

The story is rather simple: Guy isn’t popular; Angel tries to help out guy; Angel accidentally makes guy irresistible to all women; Guy must now find true love before sundown. Not too crazy right? Well except for the fact that you have to fend off all other women that come after you with “ecstasy shots” so you can bring them to climax a state of euphoria. Oh and you can see through clothes because of course you can.


The game features a dating-sim like system where your dialogue choices will determine what girl you end up with and what kind of ending you get. Beyond the dialogue options you have a cellphone interface where your love interest may give clues about items she would like you to collect to raise affection. I have only played through one route but there appears to be at least four girls to pursue with each one changing the stories events.



Gameplay wise the PS4 version unfortunately does not support the PS Move or any other additional hardware peripheral. This forces you to do all of your gun aiming with the thumbstick which can be sluggish when you need to hit several girls in rapid succession. Every girl also has a weak spot that you must discover and hitting this spot will send her into climax euphoria instantly.

The game has events which can basically equate to boss battles. In these events, which will vary based on the girl you’ve chosen, you have to do anything from rubbing her with the touch pad on the controller to fighting off a giant tentacle monster. Depending on your success during these events, the affection meter for your love interest will grow a certain amount. Some of these rubbing events can be annoying at first because the game can be somewhat vague on what exactly it wants you to do with your fingers and how hard/fast/direction. The touch pad is cool when it works and downright infuriating when it doesn’t.


Speaking of touching, the final gameplay aspect is Doki Doki mode. Doki Doki mode is activated once you have acquired enough heart charges and basically allows you to pick from one to three girls to place into a “Doki Doki Field”. Within the field you have a certain amount of time to find each girls weak spot and rub them in said spot until they reach climax euphoria. Upon successfully completing Doki Doki mode the girls “explode” bringing all other girls in the area to instant climax euphoria.


The Bottom Line

The game is fun. I was skeptical with the lack of a motion controller or some kind of light gun to point at the screen but I actually had enough fun with the game to get used to the thumbstick control. The story is funny and ridiculous and the fanservice is everywhere. Other aspects of the game include a dressing room where you can change the clothes of the main characters as well as the schoolgirls you encounter and there is a challenge mode with quite a lot of stages. The replay value is great considering the variety of stages the game gives you and your option to take a completely different path every time even with the same girl.

The game is mostly innuendos and comedy and while there are suggestive situations they are mainly for comedic purposes and not sexual content. The game’s closest point to nudity is attempting to look through the swim-teams clothes which only reveals their navels. The X-ray vision never penetrates their undergarments. So there is your fanservice in a nutshell.


While it might be a fanservice game, as a game in its own right is it solid and very enjoyable and I recommend trying it out if you aren’t bothered by too much “plot”. Given the lack of motion support I have to give the game 8 pantsu out of 10.

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