Hey so typing this up on my experience with 8-bit Armies because I won’t be doing a video gameplay of it. However, I would like to note that it is important to mention about it since its made by Petroglyph. Same guys who did the CNC series.

The first thing about 8-bit Armies is the schemes are rather very familiar when using building constructions and army creations such as the CNC era. It does these features rather well such as building more factories increases tank productions. Its a fairly easy game to get used to but it has a small army load out that you can build from.

It gets to the point with just gattling infantry (Basic infantry) and the rocket infantry as well as the engineer. Yep. Tanks it has the …well …tanks! Then has armored car, artillery, and harvester. Pretty basic right? It has the small problem of to little to choose from. It of course does have air units though but two types. Machine fire and rocket fire. (With of course the transport helicopter).

The biggest flaw this game has though is just build everything as much as possible. Clump them together and push with what you have. The infantry are extremely weak if not watched in the sense that they get crushed really easily. These sort of problems are things that are very hard to wrap around and learn the game curve in a manner.

The game does support a campaign of a sort. I would call them mission selectors. In the missions you go through each one and they have star ratings on each mission. This sort of feature is something I like in the game where you can master the missions and get gold stars in them. If you get gold stars you get rewards such as extra starting units, an additional structure to start out with, or even additional starting credits. Which can turn into an OCD level of play (Which I tend to have) in trying to collect everything.

The game did come out recently with 8-bit Hordes which is two additional factions which allows them to cross over from this game into 8-bit Hordes. So you could consider it something like four factions across the board. Its price point is a little to high for an expansion in my book though roughing at $14.99 but it can be worse.

To me when you have something like OpenRA that has an active community growing and working on balance changes with more emphasis on strategy it has its work cutout. I would say 5/10 on the average basis. Its functional it works and it is fun to play. But on a competitive level its not there.

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