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AoA's War Room

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a game made by Wargaming that involves… what else? Tanks! The game mainly focuses on the WWII era and has a large array of different faction vehicles. […]

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Watch us play Gal*Gun: Double Peace on Playphoria Have you walked into an arcade and saw a machine of Time Crisis 2 and instantly had to play it? Me too. […]

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Star Fox Zero

If you would like to skip the timeline just scroll down to Star Fox Zero.   Nintendo, it’s time to stop. Star Fox Zero is Nintendo’s latest entry in their […]

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Battlezone 98 Redux

Battlezone was a PC game for Windows released by Activision in 1998. The game achieved an amazing feat of combining a first-person shooter, tank driving sim, and a tactical real-time-strategy game. I remember when my father […]

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8-bit Armies Review

Hey so typing this up on my experience with 8-bit Armies because I won’t be doing a video gameplay of it. However, I would like to note that it is […]